Protein Pancake Mix Vanilla

VC: D4
In stock (218 pc)
Flavor classic
Net weight 200
Pecuilar properties fat free, No artificial flavorings, Non-GMO, sugar free
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Ready pancake mix for high-protein and fiber-rich delicious dessert or healthy snack for dieters. 
Just add water and enjoy without feeling guilty!

1. Add warm water or milk to the powder (the ratio is 1 to 2);
2. Pour the batter into the pan. Add vegetable oil upon your taste;
3. Mix for 3-5 minutes at medium speed until incorporated;
4. Drop the dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto a dry (without any oil) frying pan and roast from both sides.


Oat bran, egg white powder, whey protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate,
rice flour, dried egg melange, skimmed milk powder, raising agent,
sweeteners (stevioside, sucralose), nature-identical flavors (vanilla, yogurt).

Amount per Serving% Daily Value
Calories 140,0 kcal / 588,0 kJ7,0
Protein 21,5g33,0
Total Carbonhydrate 20,0g2,6
Dietary Fiber 11,0g55,0
Total Fat 2,0g2,0
Serving size: 50 g - 4 heaping tbsp to make 100g of pancakes or 150 g of blinis

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